EXCITING NEWS from Multiplicity Crafts!!
I am sooooo excited to be making a HUGE announcement today!!!!! This announcement has been almost a year in the making. 
Are you ready? Drumroll....
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to be launching my very FIRST product from Multiplicity Crafts; a craft tool that is unique and useful... Introducing the INK NAVIGATOR KIT available at the Not 2 Shabby Shop!!

Before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you exactly WHY you would benefit from having this tool, WHAT its function is, and WHERE you can find it...
For those of us who are crafters, scrapbookers, or card-makers, we work with ink pads... a lot! The INK NAVIGATOR KIT (I.N.K., for short) is an ink pad companion tool set designed to prevent inky accidents, streamline the inking process, and to provide comfort and control when using ink pads. 
You are at the helm now!! Any crafter can use this tool kit, but it is especially useful for those of us who use a stamp positioning tool or for ink pad-to-stamp inking. No more inky fingers, dropping the ink pad, or lamenting over ruined projects!
The INK NAVIGATOR KIT comes with two components...

The INK NAVIGATOR TOOL is an ergonomic handle which will affix to any standard-size ink pad that you already own. Simply remove the adhesive backer paper from the hook-and-loop (Velcro) strip on the Tool, and affix it to the bottom of your ink pad. The ink pad easily pulls away for storage and can be reused countless times. Extra refill strips may be purchased separately if you want to use the tool on multiple ink pads. 

The second component in the kit is the INK DOCKING STATION. It is a handy, non-skid platform for your ink pad and Tool to rest, face-down, in between inking (especially useful for bulk stamping projects). No more awkward rotating of the wrist or fumbling with the ink pad to precariously sit it on your desk in between inking. This streamlines the process, makes better use of your time, prevents accidentally dropping the ink pad, and saves your wrist! Simply wipe the INK DOCKING STATION clean with a damp cloth.

I will tell you a bit of my backstory in designing the INK NAVIGATOR KIT in a moment, but for those of you who want to grab one while they're hot, head over to the Not 2 Shabby Shop and get yours NOW! 
The Backstory:

You see, I was inspired to design the INK NAVIGATOR KIT last year when I was making multiple handmade Christmas cards. As I kept picking up my ink pad to apply ink to my stamp, the ridge/lip encasing the ink pad was so narrow that I kept getting ink on my fingers (most ink pads are designed this way). This caused me to get inky fingerprints on the cards I was making, thus, ruining them. 

Also, having to flip the ink pad around each time to sit it on my desk wasted time, was an uncomfortable motion on my wrist, and further posed the risk of getting ink on my fingers. I thought, if only I had a handle, of sorts, that could affix to the ink pad AND a place to rest my ink pad in between stamping, then my problem would be solved. 
I also felt this kit would be highly useful for many of my crafting friends and would meet a need not yet met in the crafting industry. That is how the INK NAVIGATOR KIT was born! 

P.S. I want to thank each of you for taking the time to read this post and being such a supportive community! If you want to support a small business in the USA, please consider browsing the Not 2 Shabby Shop for even more great craft goodies! 

Remember, you cannot currently find the INK NAVIGATOR KIT anywhere else, so be sure to head over to the Not 2 Shabby shop today! 

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