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Fall Finds Stamp Set
Fall Finds Stamp Set

Fall Finds Stamp Set

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By Catherine Pooler:
The Fall Finds Stamp Set is like taking a walk through the forest in the middle of Fall!  Colorful changing leaves, mushrooms and acorns images are featured in this set.

This leaf stamp set celebrates the oak, maple, birch, sycamore and more with its perfectly sized stamps. Great for cards and scrapbooking, this set will allow you to add falling leaves in any color you chose. Tell someone "you're such a blessing" , "grateful for you" or "let's go jump in the leaves". This one is just perfect for celebrating your favorite Fall Finds.

Pair with the coordinating Fall Finds Dies for perfectly falling card options.

Designed by Traci Reed

Catherine Pooler clear stamp sets are made out of high quality photopolymer. They cling easily to our acrylic grid stamping blocks. 

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