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This or That

Hello My Crafty Friends! Teresa here today to interview/play a little game with Jamie for National Mom and Pop Business Day! I hope you learn a little bit about Jamie as she answers the questions for this fun This or That Game! So this is how it works...I will ask Jamie about 20 questions with a this or that prompt and she has to answer and give a one sentence explanation as to why. 

Some of the questions are craft related and some aren't. Have fun reading all her responses and make sure to leave a comment to show Jamie some love and support! 

1. Pepsi or Coke? No thank you! I don't drink any pop. My drink of choice is water or coffee.

2. Coffee or Tea? Coffee, I love my coffee! I did have to switch to decaf but I just love the taste of coffee. 

3. Dogs or Cats? Dogs! I've always had dogs in my life. They bring me such joy!

4. Snow or Rain? That's a tuff one but I'm going to say rain because I do not like shoveling snow.

5. Beach or Mountains? Can I say both? My two favorite places to travel by car is Tennessee and Carolina Beaches.

6. Sneakers or Sandals? Sneakers, I'm always in gym shoes. I love to wear jeans so I feel my gym shoes are so comfy with them!

7. Dine Out or Delivery? Definitely dine out. My husband and I love to sit and chat and enjoy eating at a restaurant. We love supporting our local mom and pop restaurants. 

8. Toilet Paper: Over or Under? Ah over, I don't like the toilet paper touching the wall.

9. TV Show or Movie? Movie, I love watching all kinds of movies! Although I enjoy binge watching a good series.

10. Hamburger or HotDog? Hamburger all the way with cheese please!

11. Watercolors or Copics? Copics!! My favorite coloring medium for sure.

12. Coloring or Die Cutting? Coloring, I rather color an image for my focal point on my card. I find it relaxing to color.

13. Pattern Paper or Inked Background? This is a hard one, I like both! Right now I'm into pattern paper.

14. Ribbon or Twine? Twine, I like how it looks wrapped up in a bow.

15. Enamel Dots or Nuvo Drops? Enamel dots, I don't have to worry about making a perfect circle.

16. Bling or Flowers? Bling, a little sparkle goes a long way!

17. Stamping or DieCuts? Stamping, I enjoy stamping it's faster for me and I love it!

18. Stenciling or Inking? We can do both! While I'm inking I can throw a stencil on top for some added interest!

19. Solid Stamp or Coloring Stamp? Definitely a coloring stamp although it nice to do a quick card once in awhile with a solid stamp.

20. Sequins or Confetti? Confetti, there's just something about a sequins with no hole that I love!

And Jamie, one final question...this is your traditional type of question....What is your favorite part of owning and running Not 2 Shabby Shop? I would have to say my favorite part is being able to do what I love (crafting) and making a living from it. I love being my own boss and sharing my creativity with others. I love the connections I make from that.

Thanks, so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give your customers a little peek into your life! 

 Crafty Hugs, Teresa



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