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Stamp of the Month (Stamp Only)
Stamp of the Month (Stamp Only)

Stamp of the Month (Stamp Only)

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Your Price: $15.99
Save 18% when you choose MONTHLY!
Part Number: Stamp-Of-The-Month
Availability: In Stock Free Shipping (on U.S. orders of $75 or more)

Recurring Order

Would you like to have this product automatically shipped to you?

Do you love a surprise? Join our Stamp of the Month Club and receive a brand new design delivered to your door at a discounted price! You will receive 18% off when you choose monthly as your frequency. You may purchase the stamp for full retail as a one time purchase. Your recurring order will be charge a $6.49 shipping fee.

 No coupons valid on subscription items. A discount is already entered into your shopping cart if you join the stamp of the month club. By Clicking the Monthly frequency option, you will be automatically charged in 30 days and receive the next stamp automatically until you cancel.

Limited quantities available! Once these stamps are sold out they will no longer be available!

Subscription details:

Your first payment is processed the day of the sale. Each payment thereafter will automatically process 30 days after.

Stamps will normally begin shipping soon after you place your order unless there is a sell out, then you must wait until the next month box releases on the 1st.

You have 10 days prior to cancel your subscription before your next recurring shipment.

It will cost $6.99 to ship your stamp first class in the US. unless you choose priority mail.

Please note all stamp sales are final. Changes to your subscription like a cancelation may be made prior to 10 day before your next shipment.

Stamp of the Month Club Benefits:

  • 18% discount on the stamp of the month. (Discount shown in your shopping cart.
  • Guaranteed the stamp every month (Automatically shipped to you every 30 days.
  • An exclusive club members only coupon to the shop
How to Cancel:

Log into your account. Once there, look for the "Recurring Orders" section which will list your recurring orders.

Click on "View Details" of the order you would like to cancel.

At the top of the order, You will see functions available to change the frequency, date and payment method used on the order.

(Please note it must be before 10 days of your next shipment to cancel.)

To cancel the order, you will simply click on the "Cancel This Order" button.

Not 2 Shabby Angel Policy:

All art using our Not 2 Shabby stamps must be hand stamped and not reproduced or copied. This includes manufacturing and selling as your own design. Please do not stamp out images and post uncolored on websites for others to print out. You may use our images to create cards for sale as long as they are hand stamped and not mass produced.

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