WORKSHOP: Rustic Elegance Gatefold Cards

Get Ready to Craft Along with JAMIE
enjoy this life virtual retreat -  September 14 & 15

Join us for a delightful journey into the beauty of autumn with our: Rustic Elegance Card Making Class." In this class, you'll immerse yourself in the cozy charm of the fall season while creating stunning gatefold cards inspired by nature's palette with a touch of elegance. You'll learn to craft cards with rustic elegance, incorporating warm earth tones, natural textures, and vintage touches to evoke the serene beauty of autumn. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or new to card making, this class offers a welcoming space to unleash your creativity and celebrate the joys of the season.


  • Explore the rustic elegance style of card making, blending natural elements and vintage touches for timeless appeal.
  • Learn techniques for layering stamps, pattern papers, and embellishments to create dimension and visual interest.
  • Learn how to create stunning gatefold cards with belly bands.
  • Enjoy a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where you can connect with fellow crafters and immerse yourself in the beauty of autumn.

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  • Retreat Kit
  • Cardstock in fall colors (e.g., light orange, green, plum, brown) 
  • Kraft cardstock for rustic appeal
  • Patterned paper with autumn motifs (e.g., leaves, pumpkins, florals) 
  • Stamps featuring fall images (e.g., leaves, acorns, pumpkins) 
  • Ink pads in brown colors for distressing and black for stamping images 
  • Natural and elegant embellishments such as twine, burlap, lace, seam binding ribbon and paper flowers (all optional) 
  • Stencil designs of fall elements (e.g., leaves, pinecones, plaids) 
  • Adhesive foam tape or dots for layering 
  • Paper trimmer 
  • Distress tool (scissors may be used in place of)  
  • Adhesive (Glue gun for larger embellishments)


Hi, I'm Jamie Peters, a dedicated crafter with over three decades of experience in the world of creativity. For the past 12 years, I've proudly owned and operated Not 2 Shabby, a haven for crafting enthusiasts worldwide. Initially, Not 2 Shabby focused on curating the finest products from beloved stamping companies, but three years ago, I pivoted to crafting my own line of quality products. 

Crafting has been a lifelong passion of mine, and it's been an absolute joy to share this love with the crafting community. From 3D paper projects to creating handmade cards filled with heartwarming sentiments, every moment has been filled with creativity and passion. One thing close to my heart? Coffee. It's more than just a beverage; it's a source of comfort and inspiration. I always love sharing a cup of coffee with a friend or a loved one and when crafting with coffee it just brings back that feeling of comfort. That's why you'll find an array of coffee-themed products sprinkled throughout Not 2 Shabby, because what's crafting without a good cup of coffee by your side? 

My Absolute favorite thing about running a paper crafting online shop is the connections. I've been able to connect with fellow crafters from all over the world. One person who has been instrumental in my journey is Teresa Russell. She's not only been a mentor but also a dear friend, and together, we've curated beautiful products that effortlessly complement each other.  

My mission is simple: to inspire and empower fellow crafters to unleash their creative juices. That's why I've dedicated myself to producing hundreds of instructional videos, guiding paper crafters through the art of handmade card creation and 3D paper crafting projects. I have a particular fondness for creating treat holders, and it's become somewhat of a specialty alongside cardmaking and coloring. 

As I continue on this crafting journey, I'm excited to collaborate, share, and learn with the amazing crafting community. Together, let's make something beautiful!


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